ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 9: Jeff Walker on How to Launch Products

ClickBank Insider RadioOur guest this week is the man who literally invented product launches, Jeff Walker!

In this episode, Jeff shares how he accidentally stumbled on the formula that lets product owners generate huge profits from their launches, and which has since been used by industry legends such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and many more to generate maximum sales and exposure for their products. Jeff shares how his product launch formula can be used in almost any niche market, not just the “big 3″!

You’ll also learn:

  • How Jeff steadily refined and improved his launches to make them as powerful as possible
  • What’s working now in product launches, and how to apply it to your business
  • How you can build a pre-launch list that will be a valuable long-term asset
  • The key stages in a product launch, and how they all fit together
  • How to run successful evergreen launches (meaning you can launch over and over, reaping the benefits each time)
  • Jeff’s #1 tip on how to pull off the ultimate evergreen launch!
  • And much more…

Jeff is the guy the gurus look to for advice on how to launch their latest products, and people pay big bucks for his advice on how to make more from their products, so you don’t want to miss this episode! It’s packed full of awesome advice that any infopreneur can use to take their sales to new heights!


More from Jeff:

  • Product Launch Formula – Jeff’s flagship training, and everything you need to know to successfully launch your product
  • – Jeff’s personal blog with thoughts on business, marketing and more

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  1. Fred Gregory

    I have been a member of clickbank for about 5 months now and today was the first time that I ran across the insider radio. I guess I was looking but not seeing, if you know what I mean. I lisened to episode 9 with Jeff Walker. Some really great stuff came out and I plan to follow the show from now on.

  2. John Vincent

    Another great audio. This is why Clickbank is my merchant service (and more) of choice, awesome service and they go the extra mile and give us great content. Jeff Walker knows what his talking about… love it thanks Clickbank:-)

  3. Elaine O. Masters

    I’m such a newbie, there were terms I didn’t understand. For instance, “open cart.” Does Jeff mean that he only offers a product for a few days, then takes it off the market? Evergreen launch: I guess that means it continues to make sales of related products??? Most of it I did understand and hope to be able to put in practice. Thanks.

  4. Beau Blackwell

    Hi Elaine,

    You’re correct on “open cart.” Typically in a launch the vendor will take orders for a week or two and will then “close” their shopping cart so people aren’t able to buy anymore. An “evergreen launch” just means that they’re releasing a product that will stay on sale for a long time, or “evergreen launches” can mean that they repeatedly launch and then close the cart but reopen it later (as opposed to someone who just launches their product once and then never offers it for sale again). I hope that helps!


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