ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 3: Success Secrets from a Superstar ClickBank Client

ClickBank Insider RadioWe’re back with a fantastic new episode of ClickBank Insider Radio!

This week Beau and Molly interview ClickBank Premier client Sean Malarkey, who along with his partner Lewis Howes has built a 7-figure business in a few short years. Sean and Lewis have launched several best-selling infoproduct brands, including LinkedInfluence, FBInfluence, and Video Traffic Academy. Sean shares a lot of great information about how they got their start and grew their business to where it is today.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Sean leveraged his Twitter following to start making money online
  • The specific channels and tools Sean and Lewis use to reach potential customers and turn them into buyers
  • How personal branding and ethical marketing can be powerful sales strategies
  • Why partnerships can be a great way to grow a business, and tips for keeping a partnership running smoothly
  • How using the “publisher” model allowed Sean and Lewis to extend their brand and reach whole new audiences- without having to become experts themselves
  • Sean’s #1 tool for huge traffic and conversions, both for vendors and affiliates
  • And much more!

Sean is one of the smartest guys in Internet marketing, and has the sales and loyal customers to prove it. You don’t want to miss his advice!


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  1. Henri Traoré

    Hey buddy! You had me at ‘clickbank insider radio’. Learning is an interesting challenge and I’m always eager to learn more since I’ve been on the net. Thank you for walking me through this big opportunity. God bless you!

  2. Beau Blackwell


    Those numbers are entirely possible. Derek Halpern from has achieved huge subscriber numbers in a short time as well. It all depends on things like: how good is your content? How unique is your content? How effective is your opt-in mechanism? Do you have a good lead magnet to get people to subscribe? Do you do guest posting to get your name out there and market yourself? How active are you on social media? Are you doing effective SEO and linkbaiting?

    10-15k subscribers in a short time is entirely possible; it just takes a serious amount of hustle and know-how.


  3. Zack Lim

    Hi Beau,

    Thank you for doing the interview and sharing it on this blog.

    I particularly like the idea that Sean share on directing the traffic from social media website to a webinar so that the person will be getting values first before even joining any newsletter list or seeing the sales letter.

    A good reminder that we are in the business of giving values to customers.

    Thanks again for sharing this great audio interview :)


  4. Sean Malarkey


    You missed some good stuff brother. I have many friends who have gotten much bigger numbers than me in shorter periods of time. Like Beau said – Derek Halpern is a great example. I think he got almost 10k subs in his first 60 days….not sure on the exact number but he does talk about it on if you wanna go dig it up.


  5. AskiKa

    Got to admit, as a newbie to clickbank, did not see much leigh-way to make money online, guess it is time to create my own product for clickbank, thanks sean malarkey, you have opened my eyes to “what side of the spectrum” I want to be on, cheers mate. N.B. “askikacb” is my aff id, feel free to throw me some cash and we’ll get into contact, cheers.

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