ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 1: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

ClickBank Insider RadioWe’re very excited to announce the first episode of our new ClickBank podcast, ClickBank Insider Radio! As you may know, we previously hosted a podcast called Affiliate Marketing Today on However, we’ve now moved the show in-house so we can bring you even more insider information about what’s happening at ClickBank and how to see huge success selling and promoting ClickBank products!

With that in mind, we’re starting our new podcast off with a bang! In this inaugural, information-packed episode of ClickBank Insider Radio, hosts Beau Blackwell and Molly Lane are joined by Internet marketing superstar Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Pat went from working 60 hours a week as an architect to a five-figure monthly online income without having a product of his own
  • The surprising niche product that made Pat $30k+ per month, almost by accident!
  • How joining a mastermind group took Pat’s earnings to a whole new level
  • Why Pat’s authenticity helped him quickly become a major player in the ultra-competitive marketing niche
  • The reality, both good and bad, of passive income
  • Why failure is good for entrepreneurs, and how to make it work for you
  • How to keep growing your business while working less
  • How Pat chooses which projects to pursue, and how to figure out what’s right for you
  • The best (and most satisfying) money-making strategy for affiliate marketers
  • Pat’s 5 quick tips for beginners
  • And much more!

Whether you’re just starting out, have been struggling to break through, or are looking for a way to make more money without putting in more work, you need to check out this episode.


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  1. David

    I have found Pat Flynn a huge help and inspiration. I love his podcast and his clear teachings. So glad you guys found him too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris

    Good choice for your first guest! I’m a big fan of Pat and his Blog and I’m looking forward to checking out your inaugural podcast.

  3. Carlo Krouzian

    Pat’s podcast is truly one of the best on Internet marketing and online passive income. The guy just gives away a constant feed of useful and practical information that can help anyone from the beginner to the expert. His model of giving or paying forward has caused him to be my favorite “internet guy” I listen to.

  4. Pat

    Thank you again, Beau and Molly, for having me on as your first guest! I’m truly honored and would love to be here are a resource in case anyone has any followup questions for me.

    Thanks again, and all the best! Thanks to everyone who has said kind words about me above as well!

  5. Quinton Hamp

    Wow! What an excellent guest. Pat Flynn and his Niche Site duel has been the biggest reason I have gotten into affiliate marketing.

    Clickbank is still one of the weakest aspects of my marketing, but it has so much potential. It was great to here Pat’s perspective on it. I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you guys!

  6. Aruna

    Hands down, THE BEST CHOICE for your 1st guest. You have set the bar really high by having Pat on your show. As a newbie trying to navigate the Web 2.0 World, I have already learned so much from Pat & the SPI blog. And if he hasn’t already done it, you should prod him into changing his middle name into “Mr. True & Transparent”. :-)

    Great Interview! Wishing you both the best going forward and will keep coming back for more.

  7. Rebecca Johnson

    I’ve followed Pat for a while and love that he’s so real and genuinely helpful to others. Congratulations on selecting Pat for your first guest on this new format! He always delivers value. :)

  8. John Gizowski

    Pat rocks and his podcasts rock even more. If I had to define his podcast I would say… you could get a massage, completely relaxed while listening to him. And when it’s all over, you walk away with a spring in your step and a smarter way of doing things.

  9. Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays

    I really like Pat’s authenticity and transparency, the way he writes and speaks too. Pat is truly personable in his approach with regards to both Podcasts and videos. I am a big fan and have learned a lot from him.

  10. Abelate Pears

    Pat just gives away useful practical pieces if advice and tips, that help a great number of interested in internet marketing people.

  11. Jim

    I was not familiar with Pat prior to listening to the podcast, but I am definitely going to check out his Smart Passive Income blog. Please have him back again on future podcasts.

  12. Paul E. Steinberg

    Thanks Pat, Beau, and Molly for giving us this specialized scoop on Clickbank. Clickbank has been my number 1 marketing resource for years and this just opens the door to insider information to launch bigger and better campaigns!

  13. Graham in UK

    Pat Flynn comes across as a real nice guy, and genuine!
    Such a change from the usual type of ‘stuff it down your throat’ internet marketing so called ‘guru’ that bombards our email boxes all the time.

  14. Joel

    Truly Pat is one of the few honest marketers among so many IM gurus. I bookmarked his URL so that I can easily visit and learn more about his smart passive income strategies. Thank you Pat.

  15. Alex

    Pat is a really genuine guy, and shows transparency throughout his work which is great fro people thinking of getting into this kind of work, he really shows whats possible and exactly how he does it which can really help anyone with doubts about internet marketing and blogging.

  16. Jacquie

    Haven’t heard of Pat before this podcast. It was a great interview and I will be coming back to Pat’s website for more. I’ve been hanging onto this podcast forever, trying to find the time to listen to it – glad I found the time. Thanks Pat, Beau and Molly.

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