Affiliate Marketing Today Podcast: Untapped Traffic Sources with Russ Ruffino

We’ve got an incredibly exciting new episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast for you!

This week Molly and I interview Russ Ruffino, who went from being a bartender to making his living through Internet marketing in just a few short months. bonus Russ has mastered something that gives many people a lot of trouble- getting traffic to their sites. In this episode we roulette talk to Russ about how he’s managed to drive huge amounts of targeted traffic for just pennies, using traffic sources most people online roulette have never heard of.

If you’ve struggled to get traffic or hate how expensive most paid traffic can be, you’ll casino bonus definitely want to tune in to this episode!


For more from Russ, check out his site at or online blackjack his product Endless Traffic Tap.