What Alphabet Means for eCommerce

ABC’s of Google: What Alphabet Means for eCommerce

In the last decade, Google has become nearly synonymous with the internet itself. It has transformed from the company namesake into a widely used verb (I’ll just Google it!) and continues to be the threshold for online searches. Beyond a search engine and a homepage, Google remains current with features such as Android, Gmail, Google AdWords and of course, YouTube.

What is Alphabet?

Google has always been at the top of these and a handful of other subsidiaries (Nest Labs, Sidewalks, Calico, etc.), essentially making it one very large company with a very wide range of functions and interests.

As of August 10th, 2015, Google announced that they would now be owned by and operate under Alphabet.
 As restructuring goes, Google is still at the top of all the old school Google features while broader companies like Google Fiber and Google X are now operating directly under Alphabet.



So why play musical chairs with all of these subsidiaries? The simple answer is that Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted an option to scale management in a way that would allow them to focus more on innovative and ambitious areas (driverless cars, anyone?). The complicated answer is that there is probably more happening behind the scenes in the long-term that the public is not yet privy to.

How Does This Affect You?

As an eCommerce owner, Google Ads are likely a large part of your marketing and SEO strategy, and you’ve possibly asked yourself if the Alphabet will have any effect on your current strategies and operations within Google. For now it seems that things for Googlers, Gmail users and Google Ads customers will continue to be business as usual. However, Google is a big enough beast that any changes occurring within their structure will inevitably have some ripple effect on users. With Alphabet subsidiaries presumably operating under stronger and more efficient management teams, one can only assume that big changes and innovations are on the horizon. Only time will tell what kind of effects will be felt from this, but if nothing else the Alphabet is a good reminder that the ability to evolve is always at the forefront of growth.

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